Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Ray's home! I'm so glad, it was nice having someone to snuggle up to in bed this morning. And he's such a sweetie, I really missed him.

I only had to sleep alone for three nights while Ray was gone since Megan, Katie & I all piled into my bed. But the first night of that Katie & I agreed that it was just weird how our butts kept on touching. We fixed that & I actually slept pretty well (even if it was a little squished).

I also found out that my aunt Melissa is pregnant again! I'm so excited. Her first baby, Sam, came the day of my wedding at exactly 2 p.m. (the time of my wedding!). I also found out that my cousin lost her baby (which is probably ultimately a good thing) & that she is getting married THIS SATURDAY. How weird. I was quite surprised to find that one out.


Know what? Only two weeks left of school. How psyched am I??? The bulk of the work I have left to do will be exams & I have a couple more projects and a presentation. But after last week it's not bothering me!

Plus, I'm compeltely finished with one of my classes & the other one all I have to do is show up for it. Which brings me down to only three finals.

Man, I need to leave for work soon. I just don't want to go. I've been so tired this week (I think its a combo of dehydration & really bad food). Last night I kept falling asleep in class & it wasn't done gracefully either. My cheeks resting on my hands so that I was still sitting up, but I kept on catching my mouth hanging open. The good thing is taht I sit in the back of class. The bad thing is that I woke up with the professor standing right in front of me (not to wake me up but giving back projects). Still slightly embarrassing though.

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