Friday, June 22, 2007

While in Orlando a few weeks ago my mom taught me some basics of sewing & helped me make a bucket tote! My mom, who has been sewing since way before I was born, said this wasn't the best pattern to start with & the package really didn't have the greatest directions. So, with some help from my her, this is the best I was able to do for my first try. I have high hopes for future projects though.

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After arriving home I started to sew another one & have found a bit more sale fabric for other projects.

I've just been in a much more crafty kind of mood lately. I've been making cards, gift tags, magnets, deocrated pictures thing I want to make are little fabric flowers that can pin onto totes, clothes, & that kind of thing.

One thing that's kind of weird is that for awhile there most every night when I'd go to bed I'd close my eyes & these great looking clothing tops would pop into my head. I could see the design & the fabric print & I so wished I could draw & sew so I could remember what the clothes looked like & maybe try to make them later on.

I definitely want to learn more about sewing, I've found that it actually feels therapeutic for me to sew. I love it. I don't really love cutting the pattern & pinning the fabric but I love sewing.

Of course, I've already wandered away from store patterns & started experimenting with my own creations. I'll probably blog about it on my craft blog & try to get some more items into my etsy shop. That's still a hodge podge of stuff; not necessarily a bad thing but I think I'd like to find something to focus on more.

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