Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 mommies, 10 kids and an automatic camera timer

Our old friend Val came into town and a few of us got together yesterday to reconnect. She, Rach & I were super close in our late teenage years. We used to work on staff at camp during the summer but the summer of 2001 we went separate ways - I still went to camp, Rach worked (minus one-week when we DID get to counsel together) & Val went off to stay with family in Hawaii.

During that summer, since we all had different adventures, we each kept a journal & at the end of the summer we swapped journals & read about all of the fun & woes we had during those months.

I remember when we bought the journals. Rach was visiting me & we were at Oveido mall; I don't remember whose idea it was to keep the journals but I think we picked them up, bright pink and purple, at Claire's. What I really remember is that when we left the mall we couldn't find my car ANYWHERE. I was near convinced it had been stolen. I think it had also started to rain as we wandered all over the parking lot only to find that we parked in a completely different area than where we'd been looking.

Anyway, fast forward 9 summers and I can tell you that for the most part we'll all be at home tending to our respective husbands, children & all of the duties that go with them.

With all of those kids things were crazy & I was completely unmotivated to take many photos, or at least to put effort behind them. We did attempt a group shot & overall I'm quite pleased that at least one (out of 10-15) turned out fairly well:

(There really were 10 kids there, we just had a difficult time keeping them all still enough to be in the photo!)

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