Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting my craft on

New headbands...

I feel determined to make more time to be crafty. Of course, it's easy to say that since I'm still not working & my nights are still free. (that's supposed to change next week!) I should call this the "get-Jessica-out-of-Hilton" project. I can't help but calculate how many items a week I'd need to sell in order to quit!

I've been absent from etsy for awhile & yesterday I finally went on & saw some feedback that was left more three months ago! Someone had bought three of my hair clips & left these three comments:

"Wear it all the time!" "So great!" & "Make more colors, please! A+!"

Yesterday afternoon when I went into Starbucks one of the baristas also happened to be wearing one of the hair clips I'd made. Those were really some of the little boosts that I needed to get things in gear again. I'm always full of self-doubt when it comes to something I've made, I wish I had more confidence in that area!

I've had more orders for changing pads, too, which makes me wonder if I need to try to market those!

1 comment :

hilltopper said...

im loving the cute headbands, i cant decide which i like better!


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