Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen Available!

This picture doesn't do justice for just how big is that pile of stuff (& this doesn't include the stuff that was already thrown away!). In the upside down that was last week (Ray sick, VBS at night, my mom here in the middle of the week) I randomly started going through different areas & purging. The kitchen started with needing a place to put the magic bullet. And, then my new juice glasses. And it just progressed from there. If you need anything like a set of juice glasses or 11 matching mugs, a handheld cuisine art or some trivets, just come to me!

I completely loved getting rid of so much stuff, it makes me want to keep finding more that we no longer need!


Tricia said...

I'll take you vacuum sealer containers.

meg said...

dibs on the hand held blender!


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