Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not so good days

Shortly (as in a day or so) after I posted about the good days we've been having with Addison things started going south again. This week seems to have been particularly difficult, so much so that when a friend called this morning & asked how I was I broke down in sobs. I wasn't even expecting that. While today was long, I'm feeling better. It helped just getting to talk to someone & just now Ray came out of the office & we were able to spend his entire 15 minute break sitting together & talking with no interruptions. That was a big mood booster, too.

We talked about this schedule we have going on & he was surprised to find out that I miss him; he doesn't think I'm the type to really miss people.

Anyway, it seems I have blogging lulls when I'm a bit overwhelmed & I think that was the theme for this week.

On Monday I went out with Kate & Clay for a nice vigorous walk & then to Pottery Barn to look at the Autumn decorations. Two things that are much easier done with only two little ones than three.

Tuesday my mom was supposed to bring Addison back in the afternoon & stay the night & we were going to have a little fun time together on Wednesday morning. Instead, my mom gave more proof to the graceful genes that run in my family & ran into some furniture & broke her toe Monday evening, thus disabling her driving abilities.

So, I made an impromptu trip over to Orlando on Tuesday. I wasn't thrilled about that initially (mostly the four-hour drive!) but once I was there it proved to be a nice break to get out of my house for awhile but still be in a place where the kids could just run around. My mom felt badly about me making the drive; so bad that she bought us pizza for lunch, gave me gas money & bought me a coffee & sent me out alone for an hour!

And, that's about it. No pictures this time, I always dislike when I don't have any pictures for my posts. (I can't believe I used to always post without pictures before I had a digital camera!)

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Tricia said...

I wish I lived closer and could help you know, when I'm not hobbling around.
I do think you working and being over extended has a lot to do with Addison's behavior.


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