Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Friday my mom, dad & Megan came for a few hours in the afternoon so my dad could go to an audition. They were only here for a few hours & I had to work for about half of that time, but it was still really nice to see them. I was so glad Megan came, too, as I hadn't seen her in three months & her little baby belly has really popped now! (I wish I had taken a picture)

The girls had fun climbing on Maemae and my parents took Addison home with them until Tuesday. Most every morning last week when Addison would wake up she'd ask me if we were going to Maemae's house so I know she was very happy to go home with them for a few days.

Clay is getting so big! He was weighed last week & he was just under 14 pounds (13 lbs. 15.5 oz.) &...I don't remember his length. He's also cutting his two front bottom teeth! It feels so early but they're right there. And, keeping him up at night. Last week there were times he was completely inconsolable, just wailing no matter what I did.

We've had a very busy weekend. Friday night we had the arrival of guests, six members of Todds' extended family came & stayed with us in order to attend the funeral on Saturday. I made us a huge breakfast on Saturday morning. Today, though, it was just leftovers & cereal.

We left a little after 11 on Saturday for Todds' funeral. It was the best service I've ever been too. I didn't cry nearly as much as I thought I might. I just can't express how wonderful the service was, full of joy and good memories and hope. I was impressed that Todd's daughter was even able to get up & sing beautifully during the service. I was also impressed by the number of people who were there. I figured there would be a lot of people in attendance but even after the service began people kept arriving & we had to bring in all of the seats we could find & then there were still people standing. We numbered at least 220, maybe more. It was amazing, you can tell Todd & his family are very loved.

First there was the viewing, then the service, then the graveside service & burial & then a potluck meal. The gospel was wonderfully presented many times & Todds' life itself was such a testimony to the Lord.

We got home around 7:30 completely exhausted (but "serenaded" by a home one street over having a very loud music/bass filled party - finally called the police about that at 11:00). Our company went home this morning & today it was back to our normal routines. It's a little after 10:00, I think I'm calling it an early night!


Tricia said...

You know, you never told me how long Addison could stay. When I asked her she said 2 weeks, so I'm going with that.

girl from florida said...

That purple shirt looks fabulous on you- you look so pretty!


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