Thursday, November 04, 2010

Blog posts enter my head all of the time

So do facebook updates. I'm always wanting to "like" things, too. It's kind of sad.

However, when I actually go to blog the ideas seem to kind of disappear. Tonight I cleaned the kitchen from 8:30-9; if my kitchen is messy the whole house seems messy. I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen. From 9 until 10:20 I ironed. I almost finished all of the ironing. It is the one task I absolutely loathe. Many items are well enough not to be ironed (but, remember, I can't use any fabric softeners or wrinkle sprays) as long as I can pull them straight out of the dryer but many times the dryer finishes when I'm busy with something else.

I have another baby shower this weekend (& then another mommy shower next weekend!) & I need to finish making the gift. It's time to accept that many times if an event calls for a gift it will now be made by me. Thank goodness handmade is so in vogue now. It doesn't matter how many things I sell, custom orders I complete or praise I receive I still feel unsure of giving people things I make. Because of encouragement (mainly from Rach, my "biggest fan" I say) I've become more comfortable giving things I make as gifts.

Tuesday was one of my 6-midnight work shifts. Clay went to bed & Kate was still at my parents so Ray took Addison to Target. He was pulling for Walmart so he could look at fishing supplies but he let Addison choose the location & she insisted that she wanted to go to Target to look at princess toys. When they got home they came into the office with flowers for me!

It was so sweet & really meant a lot to me. They were a super bright pink; when Ray cut the stems his hands turned pink - he was disappointed to find out that the flowers were dyed! Now the water has also turned a bright pink. I kind of like it.

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