Monday, November 22, 2010

Can't Believe How Insanely Tired I Am

I think most any mom with young children always feels a bit tired. I've heard that from women who are now grandmothers that they remember feeling tired all of the time when their kids were young so I just chalk that up to part of the "job description" for this phase in life.

But, tonight, I'm really feeling it. I'm working until midnight & before ten I was having the hardest time keeping my eyes open. It feels almost as bad as when I was working during my first trimester. (almost - except I actually did have to break the rules & have Ray take over for me while I took a 30 minute nap during my shift when I pregnant!)

I'm chalking it up to unavoidable circumstances.

Friday night I worked until midnight & then was up at 6 to leave for camp for the soccer tournament. The hard part was waking the kids up so early, them running around all day, not really napping & then getting to bed late on Saturday. I went to bed at 9:30 Saturday night & felt loads better on Sunday.

The kids, however, were still absolutely exhausted. So, while I worked my four hours shift Sunday afternoon Ray & the kids laid down for naps. FOUR HOUR NAPS!

A. They never nap that long
B. Addison almost NEVER naps anyway.
C. I couldn't enjoy said naps because I was working

Ray really didn't mean to let them sleep for so long. He napped & when he woke up he glanced at the hands on the clock & thought it said "4:10." When he finally realized the actual time it was 5:30 & the kids were well rested. We went to church & got home & instead of falling asleep into bed the girls were wide awake.


Mind you, I was the only one who hadn't had a nap & I was t-i-r-e-d. I wanted to go to bed but Ray was working until 11:30 so I was minding the children. The very happy giggling children who were having the time of their lives not sleeping in their room. It wouldn't be so bad if Ray wasn't right across from their room trying to work (& with this job we're required to have no background noise) & if a little someone didn't keep getting out of bed to visit me, including after I had gone into bed to try to get some sleep. I couldn't believe they were still awake at 11:30.

Come 5:30 this morning & Addison wandered into our room saying she had an accident in her bed.

This afternoon the youngest two were sleeping & Addison was having rest time in my room. I laid down in my room to try to nap & dozed off & on for about a half hour before someone was in my face.

"Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Wake up!..."

You get the idea.

When I squinted my eyes open there was a plastic red giraffe shoved in my face.

So, I'm pretty tired now. But, it was still a pretty good day. Addison just loves to hold Clay & he really likes her, too. I can't believe how big he is already, Clay turned five months old yesterday!

I vacuumed. Again. And, of course, before I even finished there were places that I'd already vacuumed that needed to be cleaned again. I also worked on the mounds of laundry that seem to pile up faster than I can get to them!

I've been very excited to do Thanksgiving projects with the girls this week. Today we read about the first Thanksgiving & they colored pictures of pilgrims. (This was right after their messy oatmeal snack so they are not wearing shirts!)

After dinner tonight Kate chose a lollipop as her treat. A large very messy lollipop. She was a happy girl - and even shared with her sister!

I'm very excited about Thanksgiving this week! And, now I'm off to bed for some much needed sleep & looking forward to another good day tomorrow!

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