Sunday, November 21, 2010


We saw Harry Potter!!! (I totally just spelled that as "pooter" at first)

We were able to get into an afternoon showing but, not just at IMAX, at IMAX dome - the only IMAX dome in Florida. Sounds so exciting but, really, I wouldn't do it again. Don't get me wrong, it was very cool but, it was rather uncomfortable looking up for 2.5 hours & the screen was so large wrapping around you that you couldn't see everything happening.

The showing was sold out & while being herded like cattle into the the theater I was giddy with excitement. I was thanking Ray for planning this, especially since I know he hates crowds & doesn't like to go to movies on opening weekend. He jokingly said, "But, is it because of how much I love you or how much I want to see Harry Potter?" To which I replied, "I told my friends that I didn't know if I was more excited about our date or about seeing Potter - I think it's seeing Potter!" Hey, at least we're honest! And, we DID have a lot more fun going together!

I loved the entrance to get into the movie.

We entered through platform 9 and 3/4

The wanted poster

We survived the dementors!

The movie was good, too!

Because they divided the last book in half to make two films I do think the movie felt a bit incomplete at the end.

After the movie we used our gift card to Five Guys! I've been craving it. Really, I think I pretty much crave it all of the time! Ray had a regular burger (2 patties) which he called "a man's burger" (compared to my much smaller single patty).

It was a great time out, I'm so thankful when we get to spend time together!

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