Thursday, February 03, 2011

Well, last night was a little better, it was enough sleep so that I feel okay working until midnight tonight. I was up a bit with Addison & her fever has stayed most of today. I think it's a reaction to something as she has no other symptoms & no one else has/seems to be getting anything. Of course if it keeps up much longer I may take her in to get checked out.

Even though she wasn't feeling well Addison still wanted to have tea, as I'd promised the girls they could have after nap time (I told them this before Addison's fever came back so high). They love getting to drink out of real tea cups & I so love seeing them enjoy themselves.

The other night when I was working, it was probably after 11 at this point, everyone else was sleeping & the house was quiet. All of a sudden there was a loud noise at the window that scared me - my spastic cat wanted in & figured a good way to let me know was to attack the screen!

Kate absolutely loves the cat. I think she has all of the love for animals that I do not. (For the record, she's not supposed to be on the back of the sofa, but I had to take her picture before I made her get down!)

Kate also adores her brother & always wants to hold him. Yesterday she came up & hugged him & said, "I love you, brother." Oh, it's so sweet!


Tricia said...

Clays look says, "What is she doing? Help!"

Anonymous said...

They all are just adorable! I love looking at them. Just precious.

Kathy C.

Meg said...

I love the photos! Clay looks so CUTE (and he's getting so big!)

Jessica said...


Clay: "Mom, I think my sisters might kill me. How can you let them manhandle me like this?!"


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