Saturday, May 21, 2011


Tonight seven of us went out to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Ellas' little man with fellowship, dinner & dessert. It's so nice to have several hours of kid free uninterrupted conversation (& food! a meal where I only have to feed myself is nice!).

At the end of the evening I was particularly pleased with the uplifting conversation. I have wonderful friends - there's no snarkiness, no talking about other people behind their backs, no husband bashing.

After dinner we went to another location for coffee & dessert & the conversation came around to first dates with our husbands. Then, how we met our husbands. Of course, we had to finish with proposal stories! I'm a sappy romantic at heart, I love hearing these stories, even if I already know them!

Some were funny, some were romantic & all were entertaining.

After Ella has her baby it will be the first time in over 6 years that someone in our little circle of girls hasn't been pregnant (unless someone has a secret!) - which means without the mommy showers we're going to need to start planning "just because" girls nights out!

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