Sunday, May 22, 2011

One month later

Since we don't have a camera & I'm tired of my blog being pictureless, I'm going to post some photos from last month when Meredith & Audrey were in town for the wedding.

On that Thursday night Ray had to work so, after the kids fell asleep, the three of us girls went out on the town! Well, we went across the street for dinner at Five Guys - Audrey & Meredith had never eaten there before.

I made sure the girls created their first pieces of Five Guys artwork to go on the board.

I thought Merediths' was cute:

After dinner we drove the five minutes over to the outdoor mall and walked around a bit before settling into Barnes & Noble with our coffee & books. I always enjoy when you can sit quietly with friends & read, sometimes it's nice not needing to talk while spending time with someone.

Meredith & me

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