Friday, May 20, 2011

Sinuses? Tension?

Remember back in March I was having toothaches which seemed to be related to a sinus infection? Well, the pain has been coming & going lately & I've been trying to treat it here & there at home, using my neti pot, taking more vitamin c, etc. (I really didn't try to treat it as vigorously as I should, though) but over the past week the "sinus infection" has started to feel a lot worse.

It was so bad yesterday that in the morning I decided I'd call the doctor to get an appointment to see what she could do to help. Then, I remembered that sometimes I feel better after Ray gives me a massage. Which made me realize that part of the problem could be my back problems so, instead of the MD, I went to the chiropractor.

All of the pain is on the left side of my face. It's an excruciating ache completely surrounding my eye & radiating down my cheek, into my jaw & temple & down my neck. Yesterday the pain was quite wretched.

When I saw the chiropractor he felt my spine & such & told me some point on the left side of my neck was out - when he adjusted me it was the exact spot where I can feel the pain really strongly. He also did laser therapy on my face to decrease the inflammation & told me to use warm compresses on my face. Because of the muscle tightness the chiropractor asked if I grind my teeth at night - I don't think I do, but, who knows.

So, possibly no sinus infection after all. I hope this clears up the pain, after the warm compresses I felt a LOT better. He explained how the muscles wrap around your face like this:

thus causing all of that pain in my face from them being so tight. I feel like the drawing pin points all of the areas I'm having the most pain. It makes so much sense why I'm feeling like this, now! Of course, I'm still going to keep tabs on it - if this doesn't get better I'll go to the MD, too.

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