Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello, Autumn! (Outfit Post)

Yes, this weeks marks the Autumnal Equinox & I'm ready! My Fall decorations went up today & I had a smashing outfit. I can only really say that because I was told so by others. I don't mean this to sound at all pretentious; merely, I haven't done an outfit post in a year & I figured with this many compliments this would be a good outfit to get back into clothing posts!

At the grocery store one of the employees told me I looked like an actress. I attribute this mostly to 3 things:

1. My hair was up
2. I had on a fitted jacket
3. The necklace

I'd say the shoes, but, the employee hadn't seen my shoes yet. Let's take a look at those shoes:

I love them! I had my on eyes them in the store for a long time & when they finally went 50% off I snatched them up!

During the day I received several comments. From a general "you look glamorous" to specific comments on my hair & shoes.

My hair today is borrowed from a style I read about in one of my bridal magazines when I was engaged. I styled my hair like this during my honeymoon; I remember it was the day we visited the real "Anne of Green Gables" location on Prince Edward Island.

I've been trying to find the perfect ruffled shirt for myself for awhile. Yesterday I just happened to see one in Target on sale for only $12.99! I had a gift card & bought the shirt without even trying it on. I love it.

Surprisingly, I bought the necklace at Target years ago & have barely worn it, it;s just a little too long. I double wrapped the chain today & it was transformed.

(Shirt, Necklace & Shoes: Target; Jacket: Costco(!); Skirt: Marshalls; Bracelet: Forever 21)

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Tricia said...

Is that you or Jennifer Garner? You look fabulous.


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