Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trader Joe's

It's FINALLY happened - we have a Trader Joe's within a reasonable driving distance! (only 1 hour and 10 minutes)

It opened last week & I waited as long as I could stand it before making a visit. I easily convinced my mom to go with me on Wednesday (we split the cost of gas - it was the only way I could justify the trip!). Megan & Oliver went, too.

See how happy my mom & I are? Not only were we at Trader Joe's, we were shopping together!

I have yet to buy anything there that I don't like. I bought many of my old favorites & ate both packages on my frozen gorgonzola gnocci by the next day. I also cannot make a trip there without buying chocolate covered espresso beans. I introduced my family to the deliciousness of Joe Joe's & bought a bunch of amazing tapenades.

I'm already ready to go back.

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