Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Fun & Sweets

For Halloween I didn't do anything special for costumes. Addison really wanted to be a bride & had packed away her costume in a special place, but, it was a bit small on her. She opted to be a princess instead.

Everything came from the kids dress-up clothes. I put Clay in his normal jeans & a plaid shirt & then added a cowboy hat & bandana. Voila! Cutest cowboy ever.

I wanted Kate to wear the pirate costume. However, she saw the dog costume that my mom bought at a garage sale several years ago & fell in love! She was SO excited to be a dog. This was also the first year I can remember when it was actually a little cool on Halloween & we weren't sweating to death so she COULD wear a warm costume.

I let the kids take advantage of the fact that this is the one day it wouldn't look strange for them to wear their dress-up clothes in public & they went to Target in the morning in their costumes. Kate kept saying "woof-woof!" as she walked around the store.

A few weeks ago we had new neighbors move in down the street with girls ages 4 & 6. Perfect! We walked the neighborhood with them. It was so much fun getting know our neighbors better & seeing so many people out strolling in the evening!

Clay wore himself out but would NOT let go of his candy-filled pumpkin.

It's always our tradition when we get home to dump out ALL of the candy on the table. Clay perked up & was immediately engrossed with a "pop-pop." (lollipop)

We then drove to Rays' moms' where his family were trick-or-treating together & then we dined on a chili dinner. All of the little cousins ran around yelling & playing - such fun!

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