Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Biltmore Estate

I have yet to post much from our vacation that we took the last week of September.

We left Wednesday afternoon, arrived in Asheville, NC at night & went to the Biltmore Estate the next day. Still one of my all-time happy places.

The kids absolutely love it there, too. What's not to love? Beauty, history, nature, lots of room to run...the perfect field trip!

We walked the grounds & gardens, went into the shops & ate lunch at the Stable cafe.

My favorite photo from our entire trip!

Proof that I was there, too.

The manager at the cafe told the kids that if they colored him a picture he'd give them ice cream. In the end, he gave us a code on his business card to take to the Biltmore ice cream shop & they gave ALL of us huge ice cream cones, not just the kids! Their generosity made our day.

The colorful Biltmore by Addison

Ice cream!

When I went to the Biltmore as a child with my family, my mom & sister took a picture in front of this statue, posing like the figures. While we were there I recreated it with both girls.

We toured the house late in the afternoon. I wish we could go back now to see it decorated for Christmas!

Next we drove to the other side of the estate & took the kids to the petting zoo. There was also a kids maze made out of trees.

They had a blast running through it & Kate was very happy to win.

Here she's yelling, "I'm the winner!!"

There was live music & the kids were running around dancing. They stayed with Ray while I went into the winery for a tasting.

What a relaxing end to an already relaxing day!

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