Monday, November 12, 2012

Girl Time!

Last Thursday night our Classical Conversations group had a moms night out at Season's 52. It was lovely! Leisurely dining with friends (& no kids!) over the course of three hours? Yes, please!

Lots of salads were ordered. (My two-month obsession with Greek salads continue)

I also made sure to save room for dessert - I don't remember what the names of my two were, but, they were both delicious!

The next morning I dropped my kids off with my mom at 8 & then drove to South Tampa to meet my friend, Michele. She took me to breakfast at a new place across from UT called Oxford Exchange. It is delightful! I've not seen anything else like it in Tampa, it reminded me of being in San Francisco! I believe it just opened in September & the reviews echo my sentiment - no where else like this around here.

It's a 100-year-old restored building, complete with a library/bookstore, indie coffee shop, tea shop, atrium, meeting room, gift shop & restaurant.

Michele took me for breakfast at the restaurant & we both had delicious caramel lattes! (to go with our pastry platter & other delicious food)

Next weekend I have a mommy shower at The Columbia restaurant - I'm feeling like one spoiled girl!

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