Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Day That Wouldn't End


Yesterday was something else. It started the night before.

I was exhausted & fell asleep on the sofa. I moved to be at 1:30am but never got into a good sleep. Kate came in at 3 to tell me she had wet the bed. What?! She never does that anymore!

She & Addison are still sharing out King bed so I was able to pull the mess back enough to clean the mattress but let Addison keep sleeping. Kate came out to the love seat & this pregnant lady was hungry and wide awake so we sat up & I let her watch some tv. About 30 minutes later Addison woke up & came out wondering why Kate was up & if she could stay up. I made Addison go back to bed but let the door stay open so she could see the tv.

I laid down on the sofa to try to go back to sleep when Addison cries out that SHE peed in the bed. She was "just sitting there & some pee came out." I KNOW it had to be on purpose because she was wide awake & never has accidents anymore. I was none to pleased at what I was sure her attempt to come out to the family room. Instead I took off all of the sheets, cleaned the mattress again & made her sleep with the clean comforter at the end of the bed.

I went back to the family room & every time I would just start to doze off Addison would wake me up - crying out that her arm hurt, that she wanted to sleep with us, that she was cold, etc. When Ray got up for work at 5:45 he sent her to the guest bed where he had been sleeping. In the next 30 minutes Addison came out TWO MORE TIMES and woke me up, both times apologizing for the way she had been acting.

At this point it was 6:15 & I went to Ray in tears - if I don't get enough sleep when I'm in my first trimester I usually feel sick the next day.

Addison stayed in the room after that (slept until 11, go figure!). I would up getting a migraine from the lack of sleep.

I had a two-hour phone conference and about two more hours of phone calls throughout the day. I was progressively feeling worse and by evenings' end I was SICK.

I started throwing up, it was so bad I let the girls brush their own teeth before bed.

I also discovered that Kate had gotten ahold of a bottle of orange food dye & put some drops on my sheets!

After getting sick the first time I walked through the family room only to see Clay sitting on the loveseat sucking on an ice pack (I guess one of the girls had taken it out of the freezer). The bad part is that when I took it away from him I found that there was a hole in the pack & I had no idea how much of the insides he had ingested!

This led to a call to poison control. Thank the Lord they told me all would be fine.

I finally got all of the kids to bed, sat down on the sofa & less than two minutes later Ray walked in the door. It was almost 8:30, much earlier than I was expecting him home!

I was exhausted but so nauseous that I felt sick even as I tried to sleep. I ended up throwing up 5 times in six hours! After the last time it was around 2am & I drank some coconut water with some Emergen-C to replenish my electrolytes. It must've helped because I finally fell asleep for 4.5 hours. In all of my dreams I had a headache & woke up this morning & was still in pain.

I was able to eat a tiny bit, take two tylenol & then fall asleep for an hour. When I woke up I was better! Tired, but better! I was so thankful.

The icing on the cake was that my mom took the kids this morning & I was able to spend three hours having coffee & chatting with a friend!

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