Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ten-Year Blogiversary!!!

Yes, ten years ago today I wrote my first ever blog post. When I wrote that first silly giddy post I never really thought that I'd still be doing this ten years later.

It's not exploded and boomed and become a huge money-making blog, but, I love that it has my life chronicled, from my newlywed days to kids and homeschooling.

Here's a comparison, my life then and now:

Ten years ago today I had a macroeconomics test, I was in my fourth week of work at the law firm & we were getting ready to drive up to Kentucky with our fried, Matt, for Thanksgiving.

Today I was up all through the night with Clay who was complaining about his ear hurting & spiking a fever. He figured if he couldn't sleep then I couldn't sleep! I tried laying on the sofa & he wouldn't let five minutes go by without talking to me, putting shoes in my face & banging toys on the table.

I stayed home from church with him today and spent a lot of time holding him while HE slept - it hurts to lay down when you have an er infection, you know. Thankfully, we bought smart phones for the first time ever last week & I was introduced to Angry Birds for the first time. So, while he slept on me I played Angry Birds, Star Wars edition. Yeah.

Clay did perk up for a bit in the morning after a dose of ibuprofen so we went to the grocery store where I had my free triple grande salted caramel mocha & bought the ingredients I need to start my Christmas cookie baking this week.

The worst with Clay was when his fever spiked at 105.3 this afternoon. It went down with more medicine but if he's still sick tomorrow we'll be going to the doctor.

Now, I plan to put up Christmas decorations while watching Family Man and drinking eggnog.

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